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Lethbridge man graduates drug treatment court program

A Lethbridge man has recently graduated from the Lethbridge Drug Treatment court program. It is a government funded initiative that is an alternative to jailtime for offenders. The man who is now clean and sober is looking back on his time and hopes to be an inspiration to others. Angela Stewart has his story.   Read More

Lethbridge Drug Treatment Court highlighted at SACPA

A drug treatment court that was started in November of 2020 is having a big impact in Lethbridge. The court was the topic of discussion during a SAPCA session at the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization on Thursday. Chelsey De Groot, the Regional Director for the Lethbridge Drug Treatment Court program says the initiative has been […]Read More

Exclusive interview with Lethbridge Police Chief

A number of cities across Canada are still dealing with an opioid crisis. Sadly many who are addicted to drugs turn to a life of crime to help feed their habit. We recently chatted with Lethbridge Police Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh about the opioid crisis in our city and how the new federal drug court is […]Read More