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A new poll has UCP and NDP in virtual tie.

A recent poll has the UCP and NDP in a virtual tie in our province. There is also a large percentage of Albertans (22 per cent) who are undecided. Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, talk a little bit about where each party is receiving the bulk of their support. The provincial election is coming up […]Read More

Canadian Taxpayers Federation reacts to provincial budget

The Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the budget that was released on Tuesday looks good from a taxpayer’s perspective. Kim Sims says we are seeing a lot of guard rails and emergency breaks being put onto future budgets. Sims explains how this new budget will help in the long run.   “By us […]Read More

Lethbridge Mayor disappointed in new Alberta Budget

Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen expressed his frustration regarding the Alberta Budget. Hyggen says overall, he is disappointed with a lot of what came out of the budget. He says he doesn’t understand why our city didn’t get enough attention paid to it in terms of funding.   “I thought that the advocacy work that we […]Read More

Budget deliberations begin next week at city council

Budget Deliberations will begin at city council next week. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says council has had the opportunity to review everything well in advance to make sure they are all prepared and they are ready to make inform decisions on all the data. Hyggen says this year is difficult given the high cost of inflation. “I’ll […]Read More

Put your two cents in for budget deliberations

The City of Lethbridge is hoping to hear from residents about the upcoming 2023-2026 budget deliberations. They will take place starting in November. Locals are encouraged to go online and visit the My Two Cents campaign which will allow them to give their own two cents on how they think the budget should be spent. […]Read More

Budget will bring relief

Lethbridge East MLA and UCP Caucus Chair, Nathan Neudorf, says with the new tabled budget Albertans can expect to see a little relief on their bills including their natural gas and electric bills.Read More

Mayor Hyggen talks Alberta Budget 2022

We have more details now on the balanced Alberta budget. In fact government officials say we now have a $500 million surplus compared to a $3.2-billion deficit in the last budget. The province says Alberta Health will be seeing an infusion of $600-million this year and will grow by a total of $1.8-billion by 2024-25 […]Read More

Lethbridge candidate for CHP wants your vote

The Christian Heritage Party is hoping for your vote on September 20th. Geoffrey Capp is the candidate for the Lethbridge riding. We asked Mr. Capp how important it is for Canada to pay off the 1.1 trillion-dollar debt and balance the budget. Read More

PPC has a new Lethbridge candidate

The People’s Party of Canada has chosen a candidate for Lethbridge.  Kimberly Dawn Hoven who was picked by the federal party to represent us lists off what their top priorities for Alberta are. Hoven, who is a mother and business owner adds that the pandemic is not being handled properly, and she hopes to help […]Read More

Update from Ottawa with Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder

As we have reported on Bridge City News the federal Conservatives have demanded that the Liberals come out with a reopening plan to help save thousands of businesses across the country. So many are hurting during the pandemic. Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder says the lockdowns have been tough on everyone’s mental health.Read More