Speed limits to drop in some areas, city launches pilot speed project

In some communities around Lethbridge, folks will soon notice some speed limit changes. A pilot project will begin September 15th in Paradise Canyon and the Canyons where the speed limit will be lowered to 40 kilometres an hour. Other subdivisions within the city will be adopting the new speed change later this year as well.   

“Speed is a major cause of collisions in many of the severe collisions. So in Canada in 2021, over a quarter of the collisions that resulted in fatality were because of speeding or excessive speeding in Lethbridge as well. We have about 20per cent of collisions which result in major injuries or, you know, we have few fatalities, not as many, but about 20 per cent. So still a large proportion of collisions happen and that serious collisions happen because of speed. So speed, safe speed is also one of the important elements of our safe systems.”

Other communities which will see the speed limit change will include the Uplands and Blackwolf areas along with the southern portion of Southgate. 

Angela Stewart

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