Sixties Scoop Exhibit open at Lethbridge College

As part of Truth and Reconciliation week, the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta has brought a booth to Lethbridge College. It is giving people an opportunity to learn more about what the Sixties Scoop was. The president of the society, Sandra Relling, says it’s important to educate people on what it was as it often gets overlooked.

“Everybody has a wonderful awareness of residential schools, as they should, and that part of history in this country. The Sixties Scoop really seems to be overshadowed by a lot of those different events and we want people to know that those policies of assimilation never stopped when residential schools closed that the Sixties Scoop is truly a continuation of those assimilation policies,’ said Sandra Relling, President of the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta.

Relling says the engagement from people stopping by the exhibit has been great so far and they hope people will walk away with a better understanding of Residential Schools and what transpired with the Sixties Scoop.

Angela Stewart

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