Sisters in Spirit vigil to take place, resident remembers friend

It’s an emotional day for many as October 4th marks Sisters in Spirit Day. Each year on this day, many remember the lives lost of missing and murdered indigenous women. Lethbridge resident Lori Brave Rock says she lost her close friend and relative, Angie, almost 30 years ago and continues to honour her to this day. 

“It is her story, it is her spirit. How wonderful a person she was. She was not a negative person in any way and yet that’s the thing I feel, you know, out of all of it, she would not want us to be negative. She would not want us to be sad, but she would want us to be happy and to share our lives. That is the motivation for me,” said Lori Brave Rock.

Meanwhile, in many parts across the country vigils will be taking place including one here in Lethbridge. An official with the Lethbridge Sisters in Spirit vigil says the homicide rate for indigenous women is higher than compared to non-indigenous women.  

“When I think of that, I think of just inequality. And some of that inequality just starts with some of the basic assumptions that we have of people, of women in general. But specifically, there’s assumptions people make about indigenous women that lead to inequalities, that leads to lack of support, lack of care, lack of protection, and not having the supports in place that we need because of those assumptions,” said Sandra Lemouche, Volunteer with Lethbridge Sisters in Spirit.

The vigil gets underway at 6:30 starting at City Hall. 


Angela Stewart

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