Shoes for Kids YQL foundation thanks local donators

The Shoes for Kids YQL Foundation continues to hand out shoes to kids in need all over southwestern Alberta. Now the foundation is saying thank you after receiving a couple of donations that will help them to continue to provide shoes for those most in need.

“We’ve served from kindergarten all the way up to grade twelve, and I think one of the biggest joys that we’re seeing right now is athletes being able to come forward through their school counselor student support because let’s say a student is playing basketball, they may be in need of basketball shoes and runners, and they can’t play those extra curricular activities without a good pair of shoes. So we’ve been able to just continue to expand not only our collaborations with school districts, but also through community donations as well,” said Mallory Kristjanson, Spokesperson for Shoes For Kids YQL.

Shoes for Kids is not just a back-to-school initiative but offers year-round support. If you are interested in donating shoes, you can do so by emailing the foundation directly.   

Angela Stewart

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