‘Bill C-11 could majorly impact Canadians if passed,’ local MP

Bill C-11  is going through the Senate right now and by next week, senators will have the opportunity to put forward some amendments with the hope some changes will be made to the bill. Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas says there are some big amendments that need to be made since it will have a major impact on Canadians if the bill passes.  

“One is user generated content. In other words, the things that you would post, I would post, Canadians would post online cannot, should not be captured by this legislation. Which means the government will be censoring what Canadians are saying, what they are hearing, and what they are posting online. It really has an impact on all Canadians because we all use the online space. It’s the new form of the public square. It’s where we exchange ideas. Bill C-11 will censor what we see, what we say, what we hear online. And so every single Canadian is impacted by this legislation in its current form,” said Rachael Thomas, Member of Parliament for Lethbridge.

Thomas is encouraging Canadians to reach out to the Heritage Minister, Pablo Rodriguez, who is defending the bill, to have C-11 stopped.   

Angela Stewart

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