SACPA outlines how University of Lethbridge students are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

University students have had to cope with an ever-changing dynamic as classes have switched to an online format. This has caused stress and feelings of isolation amongst many students. Kathleen Massey is the Associate Vice-President of Students at the University of Lethbridge, and she says a recent engagement study says the pandemic has taken its toll on students.

The National Survey of Student Engagement pointed out a lack of resources and social interaction for students.

35% of students reported not enough study spaces at home.

Another key indicator was 30% of students saying they felt isolated, and that there wasn’t enough interaction with other students.

In Massey’s presentation, the survey says 4.2% of students dropped out in the fall of 2020, with 75% of that number leaving because of the move to an online format for classes.

There was a 28% increase for more counselling services at the U of L, and a 45% increase of students who attended group sessions. These numbers are compared between the school years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Massey also provided information from students who said that they were thriving under a new online format.

One of the anonymous students wrote, “It’s easier to ask questions in class in the comfort of my own home without 50 heads turning around and staring at me. Before this school year, I have never asked a question in class.”

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