‘Residents responding well to Green Cart Program’: city officials

Green Carts in Lethbridge were rolled out about a month ago and city officials say the program is off to a pretty good start. More than 85 per cent of residents have been putting out their cart for collection within the first month of the program. The city says they have already collected around 1300 tonnes of curbside organics waste.  

“We’re seeing some plastics in the green carts. So again, working on our education and outreach just to connect with folks, to let them know that certain items like those thin plastics and what are deemed to be compostable plastics shouldn’t actually be going into the green cart. One other item that we’ve noticed a lot of is large amounts of landscaping waste. So half a cart full of soil, all rocks, things of that nature. So again, just working on education and outreach to try and always improve the program.”

Over 30,000 homes in the city now have a green cart. Residents who live in apartments or condominiums should be receiving their carts sometime this fall. 

Angela Stewart

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