Phillips calls on Premier Smith to address housing crisis in Lethbridge

Lethbridge-West MLA, Shannon Phillips, is calling on the Danielle Smith government to take action to address the housing crisis in our city. Phillips says we not only have rising poverty in the windy city but also a real homeless problem.  Phillips says the Alberta NDP put forward several recommendations to address the issue including the formation of an all-party committee.  

“Well, you know, an all party committee is a way to make some of the working together on issues of common concern. Make that real. This government was elected with the smallest margin of any government in Alberta history. We are the largest official opposition. We will have a number of seats on those committees and we can make sure that our ideas are heard. There was only 2,600 votes in the right places. That is the difference between a UCP government and an NDP government.”

Phillips says a committee is a good way for the premier to start building on a collaborative relationship with the opposition.   

Angela Stewart

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