National Citizens Inquiry Sheila Annette Lewis

The National Citizens Inquiry into the way governments handled the COVID-19 pandemic continued in Ottawa.

Sheila Annette Lewis recently spoke at the inquiry. She filed a legal challenge against Alberta Health Services, doctors and a hospital as she was unable to receive a lifesaving organ transplant due to her not wanting to be vaccinated.

A panel from the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled against Annette Lewis. She is currently under a court ordered publication ban on the doctors identity, the organ and the location of the transplant program.

A teary-eyed Lewis explained her plight to the NCI.

“All I wanted to do was be able to breathe. And I did everything that the doctors asked me to do. And I didn’t drink, and I didn’t smoke, and I didn’t do drugs. And I took all my vaccinations and I ate healthy. I’ve lost some weight. You know, I did my exercises. I went to the programs. I did everything. All I want to do is live. I want to see my grandbabies raised. But it’s not going to happen now. They just won’t bend.”

Annette Lewis joined us for an interview last year where we posed a question to her asking if her life was at risk, why doesn’t she just take the vaccine?

You can find her answer here in our full interview with Annette Lewis

The National Citizens Inquiry will wrap up on Friday in Ottawa for the last day of witness testimony.

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