MP Rachael Thomas reacts to second Carbon Tax, and Premier Smith hammering down on Ottawa

Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas who hosted a pre-Whoop Up Days pancake breakfast on Monday morning is responding to the Trudeau government’s second carbon tax that was implemented last month. Thomas says she has heard first hand from folks in Lethbridge about how the extra tax is really hurting them.   

“Trudeau made a decision to implement a first carbon tax. Then he made a decision to increase that every single year. And then now he’s made a decision to apply a second carbon tax. Canadians are hurting. I have folks from Lethbridge coming into my office every single day with their bills in their hands telling me that they have to make decisions between groceries or their medication. That’s not voice that people should have to make. And the reason they’re having to make that decision is because of the cost of living just continues to skyrocket. The second carbon tax just adds to their detriment.”

And when it comes to Premier Danielle Smith doubling down in telling Ottawa that Alberta will never eliminate our oil and natural gas sectors, Thomas says she stands behind the premier all the way.   

“Danielle Smith is defending Alberta. That’s her job as our premier. She should have a voice for this province. And so she’s standing up for our chief industry. I applaud her for that.”

Angela Stewart

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