Melfort Sask pastor takes part in Asbury University revival

A 12-day revival continues down at Asbury University in Kentucky. A pastor from Melfort Saskatchewan who drove down with a group to take part in the worship says on Sunday alone there was 25,000 people who attended. Pastor Paul Dubois says people are hungry for the spirit of the Lord. 

“Talking about a community that’s about five, 6000, you know, people that live there and it swells to an extra 25,000.  There was a lineup to get into use auditorium was, they said it was a mile long. People are asking, you know why Asbury? You know, well, why not? Why not Lethbridge, why not Brooks a nd why not Melfort. I think that it’s not a question of if God will send a revival. It’s a question of will we step into it when God does it,” said Pastor Paul Dubois. 

“The experience of just abiding in the Lord and the worship of God in such a pure way with so many people that were hungry from all over the world. To see the unity in that whether you were in one of the side halls or chapels or outside in the grass, in front of screens, just people hit their hands in the air just praising the Lord as a group. They had police officers in different areas and they were sitting on the roof of their cruisers or leaning against something. Just standing, watching everything. There was absolutely nothing but people loving each other all over the place,” said Kent Pierson, Attendee. 

There are reports that the revival has now spread to more than 20 college and university campuses across the U.S.  

Angela Stewart

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