Local pharmacy speaks to children flu and pain medication shortage

The shortage of pain and fever medication for kids has been a stressful time for families. This has not only put a strain on the hospitals but also pharmaceutical staff who carry the medication. The owner of the Medicine Shoppe near the Chinook Regional Hospital says during the fall season, they really struggled to keep the meds on the shelves and had to resort to an alternative form of kids Tylenol. 

“Fall had been terrible during fall and during Christmas time, we, like, parents were so much worried, anxious, and what was happening. Right now, it’s pretty much resort, I would say, because we still have, like, eight or nine bottles of Tylenol suspension sitting on shelf. We have, like Advil suspension kids, so but it was terrible at that time, you know. And what we had to do is we had to do compounding of Tylenol and Advil liquid. And it is a short expiry. Like, it expires in a month, so you had to consume it while the commercially made available, it has longer expiries.”

Staff at the Medicine Shoppe say they are not sure how many bottles of pain and fever medication they will be receiving, but any amount will be a welcome sight for parents.   

Angela Stewart

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