Lethbridge city council declares April 7 as Green Shirt Day again

Lethbridge City Council has once again declared April 7th as Green Shirt Day. The special day was created to honour those affected by the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018, including Lethbridge resident Logan Boulet who died and to encourage organ donation. Boulet donated his organs to save six lives. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says it’s important to highlight Boulet’s story, so it is never forgotten.  

“Sometimes we’ll put things in perpetuity, that is, you may forget them the following year. So to have us discuss it at the council meeting each year was something that, again, refreshed people’s memories and minds on what had happened those years ago and all of those lives that were saved and the lives that were saved, but then also the organ donation. So it brings it to light again. And and I’ve been told that it does have an influx each time this time of the year comes along, that those donations and signed your driver’s license goes up. So I think just the reminder each year is why I thought it’d be better to bring it each year,” said Blaine Hyggen, Mayor of Lethbridge.

Council voted unanimously on the motion for Green Shirt Day on April 7th.  

Angela Stewart

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