Local family donates over 200 gifts to Angel Tree campaign

A local family is giving back to the community after donating over two hundred gifts to Lethbridge Family Services’ Angel Tree Campaign. Emily and Alex Geerligs hosted their first toy drive last year following the passing of their daughter Madison. To commemorate what would have been their daughters first birthday, the Geerlings decided to donate to Angel Tree. 

“This is something, you know, it started off,  we aren’t able to do for our daughter. And so it just means the world that, you know, second best. We can do it for all the kids who aren’t as fortunate. It was a big success last year, and we weren’t sure we wanted to ask people to do it again, but we had some friends asked if we were doing it, and we thought we better do it. And I think it’s even bigger than last year,” said Emily Geerligs, Angel Tree donator.

The Geerligs say they plan to continue the gift of giving to Angel Tree for years to come. 

Angela Stewart

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