Local artists create ‘ All You Need Is Love’ mural

A group of local artists is doing its part to create more love in our community by creating a mural that is called ‘All You Need Is Love.’ You’ll see it at the back of the Arnold Building on 7th Street South. The mural is being spearheaded by Stephen Onyango, who is a cinematographer with Legend Productions. He explained the idea behind the theme.   

“I grew up with love for everybody. Like, that’s how I was taught to grow up. Like, you don’t discriminate anybody. You don’t discriminate yeah. Literally don’t discriminate anybody. Like, everybody is your brother, everybody is your sister. And so just that alone and what I’m seeing happening in the community is, like, people see somebody who is homeless in the community yes. They don’t have a house. That could be you tomorrow. It’s a very small step between you being okay today and tomorrow you end up on the streets. We are not very different. Those guys are our family. Those guys are our friends.”

There isn’t a timeline for when the mural will be done, but Onyango says he hopes to collaborate with more artists in the future to create more pieces.  

Angela Stewart

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