Lethbridge Police Service pay tribute to two fallen officers in weekend memorial

The Lethbridge Police Service are honoring two fallen officers this weekend who died while on the job 90 years ago. Sgt. Joseph Blocksidge and Cst. Joseph Farrell both died in a crash in Fort Macleod and their deaths were previously unknown to LPS until earlier this year.  Regimental Sergeant Major Shawn Davis explains how the officers’ deaths went unknown for so long.    

“Think now as we can kind of open the internet, we can open the research up, and we can get more access to the Gault and to archives and newspapers that we’re able to find out more things that happened. It’s just interesting when you start researching I call it the rabbit hole. You find one little tidbit. Again, we were researching veteran status, really, is all we were looking. Before we fight about a collision, we fight about one officer dying. Well, then it ends up being two. And now it’s trying to find out, were they on duty. Were they not on duty because it was four in the morning.”

A memorial Ceremony will be taking place on Sunday at the LPS Atrium starting at 10:30 am.   

Angela Stewart

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