Lethbridge pirate ship home ready to welcome trick-or-treaters

Each year over the past two decades, Carrie Kerber and her husband have transformed their 6th Avenue home in Lethbridge into a pirate ship for Halloween.  Kerber says the idea of a ship came after the Pirates of the Caribbean movie was released. She said her family wanted to do something different as opposed to a traditional haunted house.  

“Skeletons. We love the pirate skeletons. That’s a slightly different theme. We did the haunted house thing, and people really love the pirate thing with the skeletons and all the fun that goes with that. There’s a lot of wow. There’s a lot of wow. A lot of how did you do that? Is that really your house?,” said Carrie Kerber, Pirate Ship homeowner.

Kerber says they continually add new pieces each year and the entire set up takes about a month to complete. 

Angela Stewart

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