City looking for feedback on second phase of Waste Recycling master plan

There is some trash talking going on at City Hall. Residents in our city are being asked for their input on the second phase of the City of Lethbridge Waste Management Master Plan. City officials say until November 20th they are seeking feedback on ways to reduce household waste, exploring incentives to encourage more residential diversion. Steve Rozee, the General Manager of Waste and Recycling, says they are looking for people to comment on their waste reduction habits. 

“We want to hear about xeriscaping, grass cycling, opinions on repair cafes and reuse centers, opinions on single use items and household hazardous waste, and a broad range of things that we could look to improve over the course of time. So we’re really excited for the opportunity through the survey that will be available from now until November 20th, as well as the three virtual open houses that will be hosting in October and November. And we’re hoping to do one in person session as well out in the community,” said Steve Rozee, General Manager of Waste and Recycling for the City of Lethbridge.

Residents have the opportunity to engage at information sessions in person and online. The survey can be found on the City of Lethbridge website.  

Angela Stewart

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