Lethbridge musician wins Project WILD contest

A Lethbridge singer has been named Alberta’s number one rising country music star winning the Project WILD singing contest. Along with taking the top spot, Shaela Miller also won $100,000, money she will be putting towards building her country music career. Miller explains what the money will be used for and says it feels great to be respected by so many in our province.

“For a record, it’s mostly already written and then we are going to go into the studio in September. I’ll just be able to make like music videos and do certain things I have had to do maybe on a budget before, now I’ll be able to kind of do it in a bigger way. I really believe in our community in Lethbridge and I have been putting a lot of my energy into it for many many years, so I have been respected in the community for a long time but it does feel cool. It just grew quite a bit so it does feel really nice,” said Shaela Miller, first place winner of the Project WILD contest.

The contest, Project WILD, was a collaborative effort of two country radio stations, one in Lethbridge and the other in Calgary.

Angela Stewart

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