Lethbridge County opens applications for bursary program

Applications are now being accepted for Lethbridge County’s annual bursary program. Up to three students are eligible to receive 15 hundred dollars each for their first year of post-secondary studies. Lethbridge County Reeve, Tory Campbell, says it’s encouraging to see the amount of interest from students who apply for the program.  

“I think it’s something that had been kicked around in the past in various iterations. There was different bursaries programs available and like I said, for the last four years, this is the format that the county has gone with. It’s been well received, and each year we’ve seen an increased uptake in interest and more applications every year. So after some discussion in council chambers, it was the decision of council to expand it a little further, add that additional to go to three bursaries and then again up that dollar amount to $1,500 each.

The application deadline is June 1st. The awards will be dished out at the end of August. 


Angela Stewart

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