LCI, G.S. Lakie welcome prolific house dancer for artist residency week

Two Lethbridge schools in the public school division are getting quite the treat from well-known house dancers in Canada. Raoul Pillay is teaching a house dance residency this week at LCI and G.S. Lakie Middle School. Pillay joined the LCI class last year, but they were only able to connect over Zoom. This year, however, he has flown in from Toronto and will be spending the week with students at both schools. 


Pillay says he hopes his teaching will help the students carry on with the skills and techniques they’ve developed. 


Artistic Director of the LCI Arts Academy Dance Program, Geordan Olson, says Pillay not only brings the dance steps to the students, but he also teaches them the history of house dance. 


Pillay will be doing a workshop and running choreography for the LCI Dance Academy show in February.

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