‘It’s all about the bacon’ Dylan’s Burger and Deli on National Burger Day

It is National Hamburger Day, and where better to sample some unique creations, than Dylan’s Burgers, and piggyback poutinerie in downtown Lethbridge. BCN visited the restaurant Friday, and learned about some of their unique burger patty combinations.

“It’s all about the bacon. Our blend is…we grind bacon and beef in house, and we do a thirty percent bacon blend on our burgers, and then plus a whole bunch of bacon on top as well,” says owner, Dylan Toth “we actually don’t do a one hundred percent beef patty, it’s not for us…a little bit too dry, so we don’t do that”.

The restaurant will feature a lamb burger for National Hamburger day, and in the past has included a specialty menu including elk and kangaroo meat.

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