Holy Spirit Catholic School Division wins Award for Excellence

The Holy Spirit Catholic School Division won a national award for Excellence during the 2022 BRAVO Awards Gala. The event was hosted by the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education. The division was one of 33 applications under the communications project category. Anisha Gatner, the Communications Coordinator for the division, says they feel very lucky to have won the award.  

“We work really hard. And I was so fortunate because the team that I worked with on this particular project, we were very collaborative and we were always really parent focused. We were always really trying our very best to do things that would improve and make things easier for parents, they were definitely our target audience for this. And so to be able to have that project reviewed by other communications professionals and for them to say, not only is this good work, but this is excellent work, it’s really quite an honor”, said Anisha Gatner, Communications Coordinator for the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division.

Gatner says they plan to continue that hard work into next year. 

Angela Stewart

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