High demand for engineering technology grads

Lethbridge College engineering technology grads are a hot commodity right now as there is a high demand by employers looking to hire. Despite the pandemic, technology graduates will more than likely land a job in their profession after graduation day.

“We have data from 2017 that supports that all of how graduates get jobs after graduation. That position as far as we are concerned hasn’t changed we get far more job positions coming across our desks than we have graduates able to fill the positions. I would say the positions were still there they just weren’t being filled during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic is essentially over with we have all these employers looking to scoop up the graduates,” said Edith Olson, Chair of the School of Engineering Technologies at Lethbridge College.

“There is a real need for engineering technologist and science technologist throughout the province. We see them all the time mingled with us and doing all kinds of essential work. It’s important to note that even during downtimes like COVID the employment situation for a technologist is usually full. What strikes me as being problematic is that a lot of don’t recognize as Alberta comes back and continues to grow, don’t forget that we were growing rapidly before COVID,” said Barry Cavanaugh, CEO of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET).

Angela Stewart

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