Helen Schuler plans outdoor activity for spring break

The Helen Schuler Nature Centre remains closed to the public, but program coordinators still want to give parents options for the upcoming spring break.

They can only take ten children for their Kids and Coulees day camp, running from April 6-9, but starting March 29 the centre has an outdoor scavenger hunt prepared. It is likely that parents are looking for any opportunity to get out of the house.

“Borrow a bag from the Lethbridge Public Library. There will be activity cards, and a map with a few materials to do the activities with, and suggestions for where you could do the activities,” says program coordinator, Jessica-Deacon-Rogers “you can take the materials for a bit of a walk, in the city or different neighbourhood parks in the river valley”.

The Story Walk Around tool kit will be available from March 29 until the end of April. Visit https://www.lethbridge.ca/Things-To-Do/Nature-Centre/Pages/Kids-Programs.aspx for more details.

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