Fundraiser started for woman denied organ transplant

An Alberta woman says she is being put in a tough situation where she must either get the covid vaccine or potentially die.

Sheila Annette Lewis filed a legal challenge against Alberta Health Services, doctors and a hospital as she was unable to receive a lifesaving organ transplant due to her not wanting to be vaccinated. A panel from the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled against her.

There is currently a publication ban on the doctors identity, the organ and the location of the transplant program. Lewis has not been out of her home in six months. A fundraiser has been set up to help support Lewis through her difficult time.

“If anything I need for, like, personals or anything at all, paying a bill like my light bills, because I have four machines. Two are pumping oxygen and two are filling my tank full of oxygen. So my light bill is like, $1,000 a month, and that isn’t easy to swing when you have zero income,” says Lewis.

Matejah Kovacs started the fundraiser after hearing Lewis’s story, “What can I do to help make this better for her? What can I do in my kind of own power to help her? I thought I’m going to reach out to her and see if I can at least offer the support and see if there’s anything I can do. With that we started chatting and I actually wrote a letter to the Premier saying how this is just, it’s a horrible thing that’s going on and nobody should have to deal with that or go through that. And she deserves so much better and she deserves to have that organ transplant regardless of if she decides to get the vaccine or not.”

Lewis says two immunologists testified on her behalf saying if she gets the jab she will not be able to make it to the operating table to receive a new organ. She estimates she will have six months to live if she does not receive an organ transplant.

Link to the fundraiser

Micah Quinn

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