Construction on a new playground in Galt Gardens set to begin thanks to funding from the feds

Construction on a new playground in Galt Gardens will soon begin after the city was awarded $375,000 from the Government of Canada’s Revitalization fund. The money will be on a 75 to 25 per cent basis meaning the city will be putting forward over $100,000 for the inclusive playground. The facility will feature a rubber surface with rolling terrain and tons of playground equipment for kids. An official with the city explains there has always been a priority to build a playground in the gardens for a number of years.

“It’s taken some time to get there but thanks to this grant funding we are really excited to be adding this amenity. This synergy with the fountain we felt was just be the absolute best place to locate it in the park. There is already picnic tables, families can kind of move in between the two spaces running between fountains and water and into the play area. Yeah, we just think it’s going to be really exciting. Of course with the SAG (Southern Alberta Arts Gallery) and Casa kind of on either side again we really hope that their children’s programming is really able to leverage this space,” said Andrew Malcolm, Urban Revitalization Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

The city anticipates construction to begin this summer, with the completed area done by March of 2023.


Angela Stewart

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