Restoration Concert to take place in Lethbridge to raise funds for safe gathering facility in Nigeria

For the first time since the pandemic, the Soboyejo-Turning Point Charity Foundation will be hosting a Restoration Concert to raise funds to build a safe gathering place for women and young children in Ogan, Nigeria. There is currently no place for the women or kids to gather for after-school programs.

A member of the organization says there are a number of things that will be available to the women and kids once it’s up and running.

“We saw the need to do this when we had the opportunity of available land. To help bring charity, bring the initiative together and to help build such a facility, a safe gathering place for mothers and children. So that they can learn within braiding, hair design, fashion design, crafts, painting, sculpting, learning music instruments, playing music. You know drama and scripture, said Fola Soboyejo, Coordinator for the Restoration Concert. 

A volunteer for the concert says being able to gather and raise funds is most needed right now.

 “For people back home in Nigeria, it’s a huge opportunity it’s like an awakening. For us, we are getting a safe place for the women and the children. The importance of that can not be overstated. Second, just knowing that there is someone out there like a big brother that isn’t just watching this time, really cares about them and are willing to put aside whatever pandemic is in town and just gather, just to help raise funds,” said Biola Ogungbe, Volunteer for the Restoration Concert. 

The concert will be taking place on Friday at the Southminster United Church at 7 p.m. Details on how you can donate can be found here. 


Angela Stewart

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