Community Foundation of Lethbridge supports refugees through $20,000 grant

In a response to support fleeing Ukrainian refugees to our city, the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta have awarded a cheque of $20,000 to Lethbridge Family Services. The money will go towards helping with medical costs, food, transportation and children’s items. An official with the foundation says the grant came from their community priorities fund.

“We are so fortunate to work with so many generous, generous donors who support our work. We have a very large unrestricted fund, we call it our ‘Community Priorities Fund’ and we named it that because we want it to address the priorities of the day and we saw this as a priority. Our goal is to help build a vibrant and healthy Southwestern Alberta and these are folks coming into our community so we want to include them in that and make sure they are set up for optimum chance for success here while they are here and welcome them into Southwestern Alberta,” said Charleen Davidson, Executive Director for the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta.

Anyone interested in supporting refugees through the foundation is being asked to contact them directly for more information.


Angela Stewart

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