City votes in favour of paid parking at ENMAX Centre, Lethbridge Hurricanes not consulted on decision vote

Residents can now expect to be charged a parking fee when they attend a Hurricanes game or a concert at the ENMAX Centre. City council voted earlier this week in favour of implementing parking meters at the arena and an official with the Lethbridge Hurricanes says they were not included in the decision when the vote came down.

“To be broadsided in our opinion with the vote coming down with the decision that they made, without having us there, without us being able to have any discussion or answer any questions that may arise, or give our point of view on how we felt about it as the major tenant within this building, it will affect us immensely. They talk about how they have done a report, well I’ would love to see that report because I’ve also done my work and it contradicts what they are saying is the truth,” said Terry Huisman, General Manager of Business Operations with the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

Huisman says they are wanting to collect feedback from residents on what they think about the city’s decision as he believes this will also have an effect on businesses and homes in the surrounding area of the ENMAX.

Angela Stewart

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