City officials encourage residents to prepare emergency kit

Emergency Preparedness Week is an annual event to remind people to take action and prepare themselves for any emergency that could occur. Lethbridge City officials echoed what Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver said having an emergency kit is vital to protect you and your family.

“We want to make sure of course food and water are first priority, two litres of water per person per day is kind of what we anticipate and encourage people to have. Medications is a big one and of course factoring in your pets, making sure that there is pet food, pet medication. If you’re going to be anticipating yourself sheltering in a place or being evacuated for some time, having some books or games for your family to take part in as well, but really any of those necessities including important documents and previously mentioned cash in the event that ATM’s aren’t available,” said Luke Palmer, Emergency Preparedness Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

According to the 2021 preparedness survey, only 26 per cent of Canadians have an emergency kit already put together.

Angela Stewart

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