City of Lethbridge opens location downtown for people to cool down

With the extreme heat wave, the City of Lethbridge has opened up a few locations around the downtown that people can access to get water and take a break in the air conditioning. 


Emergency Preparedness Manager, Luke Palmer, says along with the opening of facilities for people to visit, organizations have received water to hand out. 


The Park ‘n’ Ride Transit Terminal is open to anyone Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to midnight. 


Steps taken by the City and the Lethbridge Helping Organizations Coalition, made up of local social service organizations, have been proactive in preparation for the hot weather.


  •         Streets Alive Mission, Lethbridge Food Bank and the Interfaith Food Bank have approximately 15,000 water bottles stored;
  •         Community outreach organizations have been informed and will be delivering water to vulnerable individuals;
  •         Water has been delivered to the Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Centre and the Overdose Prevention Site Mobile Unit;
  •         Any individual in need can come to either food bank or Streets Alive to pick up water;
  •         The City of Lethbridge Emergency Coordination Centre is aware and preparing for the heat wave. The Emergency Social Service team will be on standby to respond should it be required;
  •         Available city facilities are being explored for use as Cooling Centers – indoor settings for people to cool off;
  •         The Red Cross has been notified should the need to coordinate an emergency response arise;

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