City hiring seasonal workers

The city of Lethbridge has officially opened applications for anyone who might be looking for seasonal work this summer. The city says the positions they are hiring for is a great opportunity especially for students who might be looking to earn a little extra cash this summer.  

“We are hiring every spring for a bunch of seasonal laborers. We have openings in transportation, waste and recycling, water and wastewater operations, as well as parks and cemeteries. Those positions are seasonal, so that means that they go from April until the end of August. Some of them might run a little longer, but if you’re a student and need to return to school, of course we can accommodate for that. So those positions are 40 hours per week, so it’s full time hours of weather permitting. And the best part is, if you like that position, you get to return to it every summer for as long as you want.”

“It’s always great when we do seasonal recall. We find that the energy changes around the department. We get a lot of people who are excited, genuine. They want to come to work every day and just do the best work possible, and they’re just excited about customer service. They genuinely they care about their community, and they want to do the best work that they possibly can. And it’s a great thing to see every single season.”

There are about 50 vacant positions right now, anyone who is interested in applying can do so through the city’s website. 

Angela Stewart

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