Black History in Breton Alberta remembered

When people speak about Black History Month, many times they think of the United States. There is a rich history of black settlers right here in Alberta. You will meet many of the families in the communities of Amber Valley, Athabasca, Edmonton, and Breton. The community of Breton’s museum has many photos of Oklahoma and Kansas settlers who came to our country in the early 1900s.

“Some might know it…some obviously know it. But, I think it has come to a higher profile probably in the last 30 years — from not only our group but other groups within the black community,” says Breton Museum curator and manager, Allan Goddard “descendants of those people that are picking up the reigns and promoting the story”.

For more information the museum encourages you to pick up their book-Keystone Legacy which talks about black ancestors and pioneers.

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