Bikers gear up for annual Toy Run

Bikers from across Southern Alberta will be getting together to give back in a special way during the 42nd annual Toy Run this weekend. The event is a way to support the community through donations and toys which go towards supporting local charities. The president of the Southern Alberta Bikers says this initiative is very rewarding.    

“When I got involved in the in the biking community, I don’t know, 30 some years ago and, you know, it had already been going for a number of years then it’s something amazing. It’s unbelievable to to watch the people and see see the support for it. To be able to be a part of something that has been going on for 42 years and is going as strong as it ever was is pretty rewarding. And to see the effect it makes on the people that it benefits is really near and dear to my heart.”

The event gets underway on Saturday with a parade followed by a Poker Run. Organizers say all are welcome to join in on the fun.  

Angela Stewart

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