Animal shelter deals with pandemic lingering effects

It was an issue that many animal shelters had been experiencing over the course of the pandemic, the surrendering of pets as well not many people wanting to adopt a dog or cat. To help manage the intake of animals to the shelter to cope with those lingering pandemic effects, the Community Animal Shelter implemented a managed intake program. The program has helped when it comes to bringing in strays to the facility.  

“Since the implementation of that in the fall of 2022, it has worked. And we’ve been we’ve been able to sort of get back to a more manageable capacity level as we were operating well over 100 per cent of our capacity near the end of the summer and into the fall. As the weather got colder, the intakes did slow down a little bit and then using our managed intake program, we were able to sort of ensure that we always kind of stay at a good level,” said Skylar Plourde, Director, Community Animal Shelter.

Right now, the shelter is operating at just over 50 per cent capacity. They are encouraging anyone who is looking at adding a pet to their family to consider adoption. 



Angela Stewart

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