Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre projected spring opening still a go ahead

Construction on the Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre continues and Mike Warkentin, CEO of Lethbridge & District Exhibition says the fall weather allowed workers to really get ahead on the project. Warkentin offers an update as to some of the newest items being built inside of the facility.  

“It is nice and toasty warm on the inside, which allows a lot of work to be done on the inside. A lot of our slabs are now poured throughout the building in the majority of the rentable spaces with the exception of the trade halls. And the guys are hard at work drywalling in our admin spaces as well as our medium spaces currently. In terms of the overall schedule, we still now are at the point where we’re into winter, so we’re hoping for a warm and long spring,” said Mike Warkentin, CEO of Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

Warkentin says they still expect a spring 2023 opening. He added that bookings for the venue have already begun for next year. 



Angela Stewart

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