Warrior Indian Relay Races return to Lethbridge for Canada Day

The Rocky Mountain Turf Club will be holding some Canada Day celebrations this weekend. The events include Warrior Indian Relay Races which will be taking place at the grounds. Officials say they are excited to hold the events especially on Canada Day weekend with racers even coming up from the states.  

“Indian Relay has always been an exciting event for all not, you know, First Nations and all. And we always again, create that event here during Canada Day so that people have somewhere to go to for an outing. I’m always grateful, thankful that we have it here at Bullys. I know there are other places, but we do our best to promote, encourage and support teams to come out.

“We’re feeling pretty good. We’ve been coming out to practice here at the track and we’re really getting excited to come and race. We’re going to have some really good teams like from the United States and from Alberta, and there might be some from Saskatchewan, but we’re really excited to come and race these guys. Like last year we raced them and we had a really good race. We ran in the rain and it was really, really raining last year, but that really got the teams prepared for the races running in the rain.”

The races will be happening on Saturday and Sunday and admission is free for the public.


Angela Stewart

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