University of Lethbridge speak to inclusion on campus during pride month

June is Pride Month, and the University of Lethbridge says they are committed to making sure the campus is open and inclusive for all its students. An official with the post-secondary institution says more work needs to be done but they are happy with the progress that has been made to create that inclusive space for students. 

“Is our university accessible. Is it affordable. Do we have clear pathways that students can see themselves within that space. One thing people don’t realize that going to university could seem very intimidating .So how do we make it seem that no matter what your background is, that there is a space and a place for you, there’s a program that matters. So we’re really looking at scholarships. Bursaries to make sure that it’s affordable and students can get access, but also pathways and students that need all the supports, mental health supports, wellness supports. What does that look like. So that they can feel that they could be successful.”

The University will be hosting some Pride related events this month. A full list and more details can be found on their website. 

Angela Stewart

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