University of Lethbridge Faculty Association strike continues

Members of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association have been on strike for almost a week now and those who are protesting, say not much has changed in terms of getting their message across. One of the protesters says they haven’t received many answers from the U of L’s Board of Governors.

“There has been an offer placed in front of the board which represents the union’s current position. Last we heard, we haven’t heard anything yet from our Board of Governors as to whether or not they are entertaining the offer or whether they are bringing information back to us,” said Dr. Arlan Schultz, University of Lethbridge. “Our job right now is to make sure that the public understands that we have a very clear mandate from the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association to support the proposals that we put forward, the mandated items.”

Schultz says they have been getting great support from their members and the public since the strike began. 

Angela Stewart

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