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UCP clash with NDP over proposed Sovereignty Act

Deputy Premier Nathan Neudorf was asked why the UCP wants the NDP to apologize regarding comments they made on the proposed Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act. Leader Rachel Notley called for the federal government to quash the act should it pass at the legislature. Neudorf said his party is demanding an apology from […]Read More

Notley responds to Smith winning UCP leadership race

The United Conservative Party has a new leader. She is 51-year-old Danielle Smith. The former leader of the Wildrose Party of Alberta beat out former finance minister Travis Toews on the 6th ballot. Smith had around 53 per cent of the vote compared to Toews’ 46 per cent. Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley offered up […]Read More

Just over $2 milliion in funding for Southland Trailer Corp

A healthy dose of funding has been invested in Lethbridge and its trades economy. The Alberta government announced on Tuesday that just over $2 million will be given to Southland Trailer Corp to continue their expansion in our city. Ryan Sailer, the General Manager for the company says they will be creating a new facility […]Read More

New funding to help victims of sexual assault

The Alberta government announced a million dollars’ worth of funding to help victims of sexual assault in our province. The new forensic evidence collection training program will ensure that healthcare providers have access to providing sexual assault training kits to victims in rural areas. Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, the Alberta Associate Minister of Status of Women, provided […]Read More

Duane Bratt highlights key issues with Kenney government

The fallout from the Jason Kenney leadership review and subsequent Kenney resignation has been felt in a number of ways. That is according to Political Science Professor Dr. Duane Bratt who teaches at Mount Royal University. Bratt presented at SACPA on Thursday and said Premier Kenney dug his own grave during the pandemic which led […]Read More

Danielle Smith announces run for UCP leadership

Reaction to Jason Kenney’s resignation made its way to Lethbridge as well. Local politicians commented on the decision Thursday. As Micah Quinn explains, there are some who have already put their names forward vying to become the new leader of the UCP including Danielle Smith and Brian Jean. UPDATE: UCP caucus chair Nathan Neudorf released […]Read More

Concerns about Kenney’s “Open For Summer” plans.

Our legislative reporter, Tyler Dawson, says NDP leader Rachel Notley has some concerns about Premier Kenney’s Open For Summer rollout plans. As of Friday, places of worship can re-open to 15 per cent capacity. Hair salons and restaurant patios can re-open on Tuesday and depending on case counts and vaccination numbers all restrictions will be […]Read More