Alleged suicide bomb blast in Pakistan kills 39.

An explosion in Pakistan left 39 dead and injured over a hundred others. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says these alleged suicide bomber attacks are becoming all too common these days. Lisa, also talks with BCN’s Hal Roberts about the hundreds of millions of dollars the Biden administration is giving to the Taiwan military as tensions rise with China. Daftari also discusses if Donald Trump still has a shot at winning the Republican nomination as we head up to next year’s federal election in the U.S. 

Hal Roberts

Hal is a veteran journalist with 30 years in the industry. He worked as a parliamentary reporter on the Hill interviewing federal leaders and cabinet ministers. Hal also covered the Ottawa terrorist attack in 2014, and has worked as an anchor/reporter in Toronto, Peterborough and Calgary. He worked as a reporter and anchor for business shows airing on BNN, Global and CHCH-TV. During his 10 year radio career he hosted a show called Roberts on the Road on KG Country. Hal was blessed to win a few awards in his career including one as senior producer for a TV show on human trafficking which aired on CTS.

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