Streets Alive Mission in need of donations

A Lethbridge non-for-profit group says they are in need of donations especially with the big dump of snow we received overnight. Streets Alive Mission’s pin bank, which offers clothing to our most vulnerable, is lacking in some essential items to help many during the cold winter. Jesse Tabor, Supervisor for the pin bank says they are already going through items quite quickly. 

“We need jackets, boots, any kind of winter type sweaters, thick stuff, socks, toques. We need kind of a little bit of everything right now just because it’s everybody’s needing it right now. We’re getting that quick dump of snow here that’s starting it off really quickly here so,” said Jesse Tabor, Pin Bank Supervisor at Streets Alive Mission.

Traci Horvat, Assistant Director of mission operations, says besides the clothing bank those who visit Streets Alive have other ways of keeping warm while it is cold outside.  

“As it gets colder, people are going to come and they’re going to stay because we’re one of the only places they can just kind of come in and hang out all day. We’ve got usually a movie running to keep everybody entertained and kind of settled. We keep coffee, hot chocolate, tea, that kind of stuff going all day as well. They can access all the little warm things upstairs to hand warmers, gloves,” said Traci Horvat, Assistant Director for Mission Operations at Streets Alive Mission.

Anyone who is interested in donating to the mission can get in contact with them online, by phone or by dropping the donations off in person. 

Angela Stewart

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