Shannon Phillips calling for stronger COVID-19 response from UCP

Alberta NDP Finance Critic and Lethbridge-West MLA, Shannon Phillips met with the media today demanding for a stronger COVID-19 response from the UCP for all of us here in southern Alberta. The NDP is demanding the government to do more to help take the pressure off our hospitals as hospitalization increases and elective surgeries are being cancelled.


“Many Albertans had their hopes up yesterday, I certainly did, when I heard the UCP was finally going to announce new measures to reduce the pressure on our hospitals which are in crisis across the province due to the high level of admissions that we’ve seen of COVID-19 patience over the last few weeks. Now that pressure is entirely due to the failure of the Premier Jason Kenney and his UCP caucus to act when the danger signs were obvious. Yesterday, all we got was cowardness from the UCP government,” says Phillips. 


Phillips adds, her and the NDP government are continuously pushing the UCP to adopt a vaccine passport in order to move forward through the fourth wave.

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