‘Scrap the bill’: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation on Bill C-11

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says they are very concerned about Bill C-11 when it comes to Canadian content creators. The bill gives government agencies the power to filter what creators can say and see online. Jay Goldberg who is the Ontario Director of Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the bill needs to be scrapped or online content creators will suffer.  

“So we actually have Canadian creators saying this is going to kill my business, I never would have broken through if Bill C-11 was law. The only leg the liberals had to stand on was saying, you know, this is to help Canadian content creators. There were already privacy concerns already censorship concerns. If really the only reason the raison d’etre for this bill doesn’t exist, then it should be ripped up in shreds and that’s exactly what we’re saying.” said Jay Goldberg, Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The Senate is currently debating Bill C-11 which is otherwise known as the online streaming act.  


Angela Stewart

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