Samaritan’s Purse assisting Ottawa flood victims

Members of the Canadian Disaster Relief team with Samaritan’s Purse have made their way to Ottawa to help assist after massive flooding enveloped the area.

On August 10, close to 100 mm of rain came pouring down in just a few hours, which closed down roads and damaged vehicles.

Some areas saw three feet of overland flooding and sewer back-ups which was in part responsible for destroying more than 150 homes.

Frank King, the news media relations manager with Samaritan’s Purse, explains to us what the organization is doing to help flooding victims.

“We have responded and said yes to the city’s invitation. We have brought one of our disaster relief units. Those are specially equipped tractor trailers full of flood relief equipment, safety equipment, that sort of thing. We have brought that from our warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario, to Ottawa. We’re set up at the Metropolitan Bible Church, which has been such a great host for us in the past. And we’ve got our phone number out there now for any Ottawa residents who need help to clean up their homes. And we’re going to get out there and do that work.”

King says this is the fifth time that the group has served in the Ottawa region.

To support victims of the flooding, you can visit

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