Regina organ recipient designs 2023 Green Shirt Day logo

She knows all too well about the importance of organ donation, having been a recipient twice. Besides being an organ recipient, Brandy Hehn of Regina is also the designer behind this year’s Green Shirt Day logo. Hehn, who is a multi-media designer, says this year’s logo not only honours the Humboldt Broncos team and everyone who was involved in that horrific crash in 2018, but also Logan Boulet’s love of NHL star Sydney Crosby.  

“It’s themed in hockey and rooted in hockey, so I wanted it to kind of have a hockey feel. I threw in the sticks, which were people leaving sticks out on their porches. The black triangle in the background was in honour of Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who Logan absolutely loved and adored. The stars around it. There’s 29. Each star is representing a member that was on the bus crash when it happened, so 16 for those who didn’t make it and the 13 that did,” said Brandy Hehn, designer, Green Shirt Day logo.

Green Shirt Day is coming up on April 7th. 

Angela Stewart

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