Neuron Mobility scoots back into Lethbridge for second year

The warmer weather spring temperatures will be back in Lethbridge soon and that means we will be seeing more electric scooters propped up around the city. Neuron Mobility is returning following a successful first year in the Windy City with riders travelling over 450,000 kilometres last year. Head of Corporate Affairs for Canada, Isaac Ransom, says they are just focused on getting their fleet up and running here in the city.  

“I think we’re always looking for new ways to grow and offer our services. And if the tea leaves allow us to go that direction, maybe we will. But I think right now we’re really focused on getting off to a strong start, getting our fleet up and going in Lethbridge and continuing to work with the great partnership we have with the various organizations in Lethbridge. Like the city , tourism. The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Lethbridge, the college making sure that all our riders get to enjoy the service in Lethbridge. And that’s what we’re really focused on doing right now,” said Isaac Ransom, Head of Corporate Affairs, Neuron Mobility.

Some scooters are up and around already. Company officials say once the mercury increases a little the e-bikes will also be available to ride.    

Angela Stewart

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